How are you this fine day?

I think we spent the weekend relaxing just a little too much and faced a Monday morning come-down today! My husband couldn't find his wallet (eeek!), I realised just how much there is to get done (in amongst Christmas parties and ferrying children here and there). Tonight we are in London for a proper old fashioned big Christmas do; one that requires a party dress and party shoes and a party bag. Quite excited, as long as the snow doesn't stop me in my tracks.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!

I wanted to say a GINORMOUS thank you for all the voting you did in the Best Blog 2010 contest. The results were posted and as I suspected I did not make the top 5 - I think we needed about 500+ votes to make that! However it was cool being a part of it and I was delighted to get that far.  I got a lovely feature on the Blog Guidebook site to boot.

Thank you so much...these beauties are for you...

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