Being Charlie Brown

Sweater: J. Crew shawl-collar popover (similar online cardi version here or here)
Top: Forever 21 effortless calm tunic (similar online here or black-trimmed here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Field (similar mini here or patterned here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Seychelles Ring in the New Year (similar online here with lower heel or here)

I think I am a complete late-comer to the "holiday spirit-ness" of the season, but now that I'm officially done with work-events (and had that one line "up on the rooftop click, click, click" going through my head for a full week without being sick of it - yet) I feel like I can finally fall into holiday festivities!

Except that mainly means finishing up my holiday shopping (anyone have any ideas on what to get parents?), deciding whether or not it is still worth it to get a Christmas tree (neither the BF nor I will be home for the holidays) and staring at that tangled ball of lights and wondering if I care enough to even attempt to unravel it because it is almost certain the BF will not want to dangle twenty feet in the air over uneven pavement while I yell "two more inches to the right, honey!"

That aside, as the BF and plan to spend our Christmases with our respective families, we are planning to get in as much yuletide cheer as we can this weekend. This means baking for no one in particular, braving the crowds at the mall with smiles on our faces, and wearing our snuggly bests as we twinkle toe our way down chilly trimmed streets.

What do you consider essential to do come the holidays? How do you jump start yourself to getting into the spirit of things?