flat on our faces

on wednesday i move into a swell new flat in the centre of birmingham. got a good feeling about all this. aside from the zero income and heaps of outgoings, i am optimistic. i am now pretty much equipped to record shoes and socks off. i have some gear, its pretty simple, but enough to take some control. it's like being left incharge of an x-wing, just pressing all the buttons, but i rex i'll get it. other than that i intend to use this stuff to start something entirely new, not guitar based at all. plans.
in the coming weeks, i expect to get a lot done. all three members of Bermuda Ern are now brummies, so i think the rekerd will essentially write itself, only two songs to go. as soon as i have some money coming in, Amateurs is back on, again, only two songs to finish the album. other than that im working on a noisy downbeat grunge thing with a rad drummer called Alex. we will shortly be recording a 3 track CD to give away. no name yet, but i like it.
as for saso, well im about half way into number 5. its going to be a little more cut-throat than the others. i think i have figured this project out now. the simpler the better. play gently. want to make it more dissonant. saying that, lyrically this one is already pretty fucking shandy. i have a working title of 'my eyes popped out of my head'. dumbass, yes, but why stop now?
a rather talented bunch who go by the name of Shapes are due back in the country today, having spent the last two weeks recording their debut album in Sweden with Eskil Lövström & Pelle Henricson, the two gents responsible for 'the shape of punk to come'. i do believe i shall be lucky enough to hear their efforts tonight.
i am touring in february, mainland europe mostly, so far i have seen dates booked in brussells and germany.
oh, and im playing at the old blue last in london on tuesday for the On Dry Land launch.