My Life According to Good Times

(All pics taken with my Blackberry because I didn't want to look like a loser and look like I was shooting a shoe flick in front of strangers:)

I had to exchange one of my gifts which were some Christmas shoes. I thought I would just pop in and out but the allure of pretty shoes all around just kind of sucked me in for a minute...sixty minutes to be exact.
I tried on these gingham Louboutin heels and I think I blacked out for a minute. I saw myself in so many places in these babies. The price is way past my reality but oh how pretty they are! But dare I say that my toes hurt in them? I said it. They hurt. But if they were a given to me out of the goodness of anyone's heart,  I would wear them everywhere...crunched up toes and all.

I ended up getting these Pour La Victoire "Irina" shoes. When I say I love this shoe..I mean it. I love it. It's hella sexy and comfy at the same time. I did enjoy my time playing in shoes though:)

 (Fast forward to the 3:27min mark for the reference)

(If you are regular follower of my blog then  you already know that most of my life revolves around  episodes of Good Times. When I tried on those Louboutin's, I felt like the chick in that episode of Good Times who tried to rob the Evans family. Right before Thelma calls the cops on her, she sprays some perfume on herself and says "Well, atleast I'll smell rich" HA!)

P.S. The pic quality of this entire post is horrible because pics were taken with my cameraphone:(