Any Day Now...Oprah Will Sign Those Adoption Papers

So...this won't be a post with pictures of me picking cherry blossoms with my feet turned inward looking at the camera like I didn't know it was there. (That pose usually makes me look stupid anyway)

I wasn't even going to type this post because blogging is about the latest shoe acquisition or the latest magazine inspiration. It's the happy, shiny place where the world is better just by realizing that a skirt can be worn as a dress or realizing that leopard and camo prints are considered neutrals. (I do believe that)

But that's not my reality at this moment.

At this moment, I am wondering why I have two degrees but was just informed that I will not have a job next year due to budget cuts. Most of you know that I'm a teacher. Once upon a time, that was the most secure job on earth. Not anymore.

This is not even a post to rant about the education system (but you can call me and I will give you my two cents) or about the President (he stepped into this mess...he didn't create it and he is still MY president so watch it:).

It's simply to say that I value this blog and my followers. I think ignoring something so major going on in my life is the exact reason why you choose not to follow other bloggers but somehow have chosen to follow mine.

I often wonder about some bloggers who look like they don't have a care in the world and their biggest concern is what to wear to take outfit pictures. I am not that chick. This blogger has bills to pay.

I try not to get too personal most times because a) even though I have a website, I have a weird paranoia about the internet  and b)I already have a stalker from prison thanks to this whole fashion thing.

I felt like instead of having a weird absence from posting (which sometimes is necessary), that I would be transparent and explain that I'm going through an unwanted transition right now. I'm not the first and I certainly won't be the last. But this is my blog so I get to do what I want.

So, while I await for Oprah and Stedman to sign the adoption papers that would  put my whole family out of misery, this is my reality.

I do think this is an opportunity to maybe find something more in the lane of styling, writing, and wardrobe editing. I even enjoy teaching kids if I am teaching them how to style, write, and edit their wardrobes!

To be honest, some phenomenal opportunities have come my way just through this blog (hopefully I will get to share about it later this summer) so it's not beneath me to ask if you know somebody, who knows somebody who wants a stylist, or a writer with a degree in Journalism and Master's in Education Administration with a desire to frolic and be one of "those" artsy people who manages to pay their mortgage and look phenomenal while brunching  networking. I've always wanted to write for a living or tap more into the creative side of me, so this just may be that time.

I want to be one of those people...I'd be good at it. Oddly enough, I do think something great is coming my way.

This sucks nonetheless. I'm not into astrology a whole lot but I am a true Virgo. We crave stability. This shakes up my world a little but I am a believer in God ( I have to be, it's GOD's Favorite Shoes after all) and that there is always something bigger and better in store for most people. Most people...not people who wear jeggings with short shirts..nothing good will come to them:)

So while I await for Oprah and Stedman to get their act together and make a decision about adopting a 35 year old Texas girl, I'll be watching old re-runs of Martin and taking notes on how Tommy did it. (Can't explain that if you didn't watch The Martin Lawrence Show in the 90's).

I think Oprah might be close to adopting me though...I have a dog. I wrote that on my adoption application TO her. She loves dogs.

(I know some people wouldn't have disclosed this personal info or may think it's about sympathy but if you know anything about me in real can imagine what I would say to that. Plus, this post was more for me than them...and there is always the "delete post" button)

Real outfit post coming soon...promise:)

P.S...The good news is that I'll be putting new Spring items on SFAM soon:)