A Flare for Fashion

I first saw these killer flares on Callandra, Amy and Kim, and they wore theirs so well that I couldn't help but be inspired. So I snagged a similar pair on Ebay (J. Crew, you make the darn good denim - now bring back the hipslungs and petite inseams so I'm not stuck scouring the web for your jeans that fit me) and am happily hustlin' and bumpin' my way through this Friday. Anyone wanna play some Twister?

What I love about this style blogging community is also my wallet's downfall - I'll often see another gal look so good in a piece I never even considered before that I end up going on a crazed hunt to find that exact item or something similar - all-the-while trying to decide whether I really like it, or am just being inadvertantly fashion-enabled (I do mean you, d'armee). Or I get in full-blown butt-kick mode for missing out on pieces that everyone seems to look gorgeous in - yep, you, field game, and you, horizon line, and you, liberty bouquet. I've got to learn to put my fashion blinders on more often - but then again, I would've missed out on these groovy new jeans.

Any of you gals see a fella blogger rock something so well that you immediately had to go out and snag one of your own?

(BTW, thanks so much to Mugdha from A Vigilant Muse for the blog award!)


IMG_2766   IMG_2772


Top: Forever 21 extended hem dot
Jeans: J. Crew high heel flare (similar here or here)
Belt: Forever 21 metal bead skinny (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, here or here)
Bracelet: J. Crew studded bangle (similar here)