A Dream Deferred

Since I picked up the hobby of thrift shopping, I tend to make up stories to go with the clothes I find.  

For instance, this hunting vest was found in the men's department.

I suspect the owner of this vest was forced to get rid of his vest at the request of his wife.
She probably was so sick of him spending all of his time in the woods that she told him that he had to stop hunting.

Not because she didn't want him to have a hobby...but because he didn't have a JOB! She worked as a teacher's aide/exotic escort and he hunted while she was gone.
This probably went on for years.

Perfhaps she only put up with it for so long because she didn't want to be accused of stifling his dreams.
He always talked about his desire to own his hunting company where he trained people to hunt for deer, elks, and bears.

He probably had other get rich quick schemes over the years but this one was the last straw for the wife.
She probably told him that if he hadn't atleast acquired a single client by the end of the year, he had to get a job.

The year came and went. Still not a single person to start his business. Rufus had to finally give up hunting. On that last day of the year, he took all of his hunting/safari gear including this vest to the local thrift store. The very next day, he got a job as an air traffic controller. His wife was pleased, he got plenty of rest on the job and I got this vest.

Thrifted vest, Target Belt/Skirt, F21 T-Shirt, LAMB Heels, Watch c/o TIKKR, Borrowed Train Case

Thank you Rufus. I hope you weren't one of the ones caught sleeping on  your new job!

LOL...See...I told you. I make up stories to go along with my thrift finds.

You should try it sometimes. It's fun.