Hi. I'm GFS also known as Reiko.

This is what I looked like in 1988. Glasses...hairstyle and all.

My students said I looked like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
The Mr. said I looked like Tootie from The Facts of Life.

I agree with both observations. I'm kind of proud too.

Some of you have never heard of Tootie or The Wizard of Oz.  
That's okay.
We will just call this "Geek Chic" for those who are scratching their heads.

Striped Tee c/o Striped Shirt
Gap Skirt (I dyed it yellow last summer)
L.A.M.B. Heels
Target belt
Vintage Train Case
Watch c/o TIKKR Watch
Random chain necklaces
Heart Necklace c/o Love Maegan