more of something else


also currently untitled

it's all subliminal
animals in suits
we are all edible
let me see those teeth
it's not living
it's just hanging around
all territorial and barking at your friends

there's nothing left to breathe but aerosol
i reckon those fumes should keep us all quiet
there's nothing left to read but catalogues
thumbing through the gloss should keep us all quiet

everyone's got it figured out
another bad machine, shut it down
keep your fingers on the buzzers, please
i'm listening to beeps and dial tones
and they're telling me we're all alone
stick your fingers in a socket, please

pixels and panadol
keeps them off the streets
we are all idiots
and it's no accident
make yourself at home
calpol and benylin
let's just go to sleep

it's comfortable in my cubbyhole.