Things of beauty...

Thank goodness for modern medicine! I am starting to feel much better now, thanks to a day of rest and crucially doing nothing. The sun has been shining and it feels like summer, let alone Spring! As I type, Boo is outside in the garden, lying on a blanket in jean shorts and a vest, reading 'Harry Potter'. Boo 2 is watching 'Scooby Doo' on repeat...oh, the joys of school holidays. So what else?

I have taken heed of advice and I pledge to try to slow down the pace of life for a few days atleast, regain my strength in readiness for a forthcoming birthday (yep, my boy will be 6!) and family Easter celebrations.

Oh and I read the book - near enough cover to cover; and it did what all good books should do: it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me nod my head in recognition and it made me think. Perfect.

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Marion Cotillard by Raymond Meier

Love this's on order so that I can have it as a constant note to self:

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photograph by Paul Graham via dust jacket attic

by Period Living

Spring-like ballet shoes in many variations...

via audrey hepburn complex, art by Caitlin Shearer

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This food and photography blog Canelle et Vanille is just a feast for the eyes...

Photograph by Aran from Canelle et Vanille

Photograph by Elizabeth Messina

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Fabulous chair...

photograph by Adrian Briscoe from house to home

I like this shot of Molly Ringwald; she looks very comfortable in her own skin...

...Molly Ringwald...

by jcrew
Beautiful brown-eyed Olivia P...

Olivia Palermo via the vogue diaries

Happy Friday everyone!