GFS Series: Christ Chic...Le Sigh

 (Super LONG post! Feel free to just look at the pics but it is SO worth it if you continue reading:)

Vintage blouse/belt, Target Skirt, these Paris Hilton shoes)

Let me start by saying that I went to church on Sunday. It's important that you know that.

So, after church, the Mr., the kiddo and I, needed to swing by JC Penney to get her some sports bras for softball. We walk in and ask the first employee we see to point us in the right direction. We go upstairs and stumble around still not finding what we were looking for.    

We go to the intimate apparel department where three of JC Penney's finest are huddled, engrossed in what I assume is a conversation about the government's impending has to be that serious to ignore us, right?

I ask the group for help finding sports bra. They all pause long enough for Chaka Khan the ring leader to make slight eye contact and POINT to a back wall. The kiddo, the Mr. and I, all look at each other because surely this lady is going to stop her conversation to help us.

Not so much.

(I almost fell in this pic)

My crew automatically looks at me because they know that I can get quite vocal when it comes to poor customer service. But this is where you remember that I went to church. God was still in me.  

So I bit my lip and we all went into the designated area. No sports bras. We wondered back downstairs to look in the athletic department. Sports bras built in shirts but not sports bras alone. We find another employee who directs us back upstairs. Le Sigh.

We go back upstairs. Low and behold...who do we see but Chaka Khan again. We tell her that we didn't see any sports bras. She then so graciously turns into Vanna White and points to this one row of sports bras, which were white and gray. There were no signs. Just blended in with the regular bras. We start to look through them as Chaka stands nearby. Since she was standing there just looking, I asked her if she could measure the kiddo. Let me also say that the kiddo is taller and more developed than most ten year olds. She has the body of a young woman.

So...the following conversation ensues...

Me: Could you please measure her since we are here?
Chaka Khan: *without budging* How old is she?
Me: *blank stare* She's 11...(confused)
Chaka Khan: *looking disgusted* Oh no. There is an age limit to get fitted. We only measure ages 16 and up.

Again, a collective blank stare...Chaka Khan included.

Chaka Khan: (continues) Yes, that's policy. We don't measure under age 16 because if we measure her today and then she grows at the end of the week, you're gonna have to buy her a new bra.

Me: *blank stare*
Chaka Khan: I can NOT measure her.
Me: But we've been here before and had her measured before.
Chaka Khan: Oh no. That's against policy.

Remember again, we just came from church. I bite my tongue.

Me: You know what...that's ok.
Chaka Khan: Well let her come back here so I can see.
Me: You know what, don't worry about it. *walking away*
Chaka Khan: (yelling as we walk away) I'm TRYING to give you suggestions.

All of us walk away side eyeing the heck out of each other.

Of course, you know I found a manager.  Ummm hmmm. I explained the "new bra measure policy" and of course the manager never heard of such. The manager asked me to go back to the department with her to confront Chaka Khan, PROTECTOR of the MEASURING TAPE.

Chaka stands her ground and even added that she was trained to not measure preteens because some parents don't want their kids wearing "padded bras."


I still had a song in my heart from church so I just aggressively politely told both the manager and Chaka that she was no help, her customer service skills are piss poor and that they should agree on a policy.  (My version of Sunday polite atleast.)

Here are my questions though.

1. So what if I have to buy a new bra at the end of the week? Is it your money?
2. Let's say that I do have to come back to get another bra in a week...are you refusing to sell it to me?
3. Why are your nails so long? Is that sanitary?
4. Do you have on two wigs?
5. Do you really know someone whose boobs grew in a week?

There's more...but I can't. I just can't.

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