Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

I don't know whether to blame the skirt or myself, but after today is done, I think my relationship with pencil skirts may be coming to an end. As much as I like their trim and slim silhouettes, I apparently don't know how to move around in them. I can't get up the stairs, I take teeny tiny steps and I may have had a Hilton sister moment when I got out of my car earlier.

I'm not typically a specific clothes-hater. I typically am open to trying most anything at least once (remember these? They may come back), but since I have body issues like most every other breathing human, mine tend to keep me away from any tops that are too bare and strappy, Herve Leger or bondage anything, itty bitty minis, bathing suits. And because I am a total klutz, my heels are not typically sky-high and I can't wear white pants (i.e., ketchup magnets or thigh huggers, take your pick). I guess now because I apparently walk like a trucker, I'll need to add pencil skirts to that banned list.

So here's a rare very lady-like outfit for me today and one of the few times you'll see me in a pencil skirt (and Crocs - I'm in Crocs!) Are there any particular styles of clothes that you stay away from? Or am I alone in my neurosis?


IMG_2930  IMG_3020


Top: Forever 21 lace tank (worn here before - similar here, sheer here, black here)
Sweater: J. Crew cotton (similar here or jacket here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Blue Robin twilit (worn here before - similar here or here)
Shoes: You by Crocs emmilou (no joke - similar here or here)
Necklace: Anthropologie double torsade (worn here before - similar here)

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I've been a slug and hadn't had time to put together this week's Respect the Outfits post - so if you haven't submitted an Anthropologie-inspired outfit pic yet, there's still time! Post will go up this Friday, so please send your outfits to respecttheshoes(at)live.com by Thursday night.

For you lovely ladies who have already submitted outfits - thanks so much for participating!

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All you Atlanta fashionistas - Leifsdottir is hosting cocktails tonight for the SE debut of their shoe collection at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. You way cooler than me gals need to go and tell me all about it!