'You look beautiful...'

I just couldn't help but comment on the wedding day! Such a fabulous show; the most exquisite, elegant laced dress, the intimate smiles during the ceremony, the incredible pageantry. Catherine and William looked utterly in love, I found it very emotional and beautiful to watch. And the people outside, the flags, the bunting, the whole thing -  a stunning wedding day. I am so proud to be British  - an absolute jolt of patriotism for me. And, along with the rest of the world, Kate is my new favourite princess...

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And my favourite things...best man Harry (wow, isn't he just lovely?), William's unselfconscious words at the alter. How Kate demurely and with respect looked downwards, averting her eyes every time William saluted from the carriage, the lily of the valley; so of-the-season, so subtle. The two kisses, the respondent roars from the crowd, the fact that they did it their way...Congratulations to the happy couple!