Marrakech, Morocco

My family and I were just in Marrakech last week, visiting family relaxing and of course, shopping. I took some pictures of the famous market that was as always, bustling with tourists. I only had my iPhone so the quality isn't great but you get the idea...

There were snake charmers all over the place!! It was so crazy to see these dudes playing musical instruments to these cobras and they just sort of danced and stood at attention

 They looked fake until you saw them up close.

 Shops just filled with stuff. Stuff stuff everywhere!

We picked up some olives to go with our dinner
 Jewelry and blankets and fabric and nicknacks

These little shoe shops were everywhere!

So many colors!

My sisters and I made some new reptile friends

Blocks of perfumed wax. I took some home to put in my closet :)

The famous spices...
So beautiful!
I want to incorporate these colors into my next shoe collection! They're so great.

You may have heard, this same marked was bombed yesterday. A suicide bomber killed at least 16 people at the popular Argana Cafe. I was shocked and saddened by the news, and also so grateful that we weren't there.
As you can see by my photo, we were right there just one week ago.


My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I hope all this terrorist shit comes to an end some day soon. It's all so senseless and tragic.