Let's count all the style rules that I'm probably breaking...

(Thank you Ashley of Mocha Mommies for taking pics & being a dreamweaver!)

1. Stripes are a no-no on those "thick in the hips"
2. Top heavy chicks shouldn't wear loose fitting tops
3. Matching is necessary
4. Style bloggers should not repeat clothes (I'm not sure if that's a rule)

I pretty much broke them all. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I kissed a hot stove because somebody said don't touch it. It's what I do. Doesn't always work out for me. But it will never be from the lack of trying:)

Tee/Skirt: Target
PLV "Irina" Heels
I ordered a dress from ASOS last year & it arrived in that beautiful fabric. I decided to stuff one of my large clutches in it.

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P.S. God is good. That is all. Carry on...