No-Makeup Makeup

As far of the finer aspects of looking like a girl are concerned, I seemed to have gotten left behind in the beauty department. Makeup and I have never been friends, as we don't hang in the same crowds and haven't taken the time to know each other.

Dabs of concealer, a puff of powder and quick sweep of blush are about the only products I actually put on daily and mascara only gets applied on the days where I am bound to rub at my eyes a lot. I don't own eyeliner as I am scared of it, and I only recently purchased a set of eye shadows that I rarely use.

As for my skincare routine, I am just getting interested in that ('cause I am not getting any younger and fresh-looking here). My mom has been a life-long Olay devotee so I've been using their Total Effects 7-in-1 moisturizer for years now and have recently added Philosophy Hope in a Jar and Eye Hope to my routine. I haven't broken out or turned into a wrinkled hag yet, so I guess these new products are working?

My freckles and dark eye circles have always been "sore" facial items for me, though, so on an anti-dark eye circle beauty bender last night, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Sephora and Nordstroms, all in hopes of "brightening" my face. I haven't found a concealer or cream yet that has helped my eye circles, but I'd be happy with my stripped-down beauty and makeup if I can actually manage to look "fresh."

What is your everyday makeup routine? What makeup items can you not live without? Do you gals have a rec for a non-cakey, non-smudgy under-eye concealer?


IMG_3279  IMG_3288


Blazer: Zara cotton (similar here)
Top: Anthropologie Fei buttondown cowlneck (similar here)
Jeans: J. Crew high heel flares (worn here before - similar here or here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (check in stores, worn here before - similar here or here)
Belt: J. Crew embossed (similar here)