I really can't put into words all of the words I am feeling right now. Flattered...honored...freaked out shall have to do!

I really wish the pastor of my church will preach a sermon on the power of Social Media because I am a believer!

Phenomenal Atlanta artist Shanda Ferguson reached out to me through Twitter asking me if she could do some pieces for me.

Well, here they are! And believe me when I tell you that I screamed when I saw it!


(All Artwork courtesy of ShandArtProductions...don't steal:)

I was so thrilled that I did something that bloggers usually don't do...I asked if we could talk on the phone.
I felt she needed to hear my actual Southern scream live and on level LOUD!

I just got off the phone with her. I think she sensed my enthusiasm.
This chick is ridiculously talented. Check out her blog here and her work here.

P.S...not for nothing but someone major even recognizes her talents here

Shanda...Get ready. Set. Grind!

And your words were so encouraging to me as well.
Just you wait til I get to Atlanta one of these days!
And I can't wait for you to start on my secret summer project...eeek!