They call her the chocolate girl...

Writing here is like a solace to me; when the day is done and the house is quiet I want to just get with my thoughts and let it pour out onto the screen. But some days I don't get the time and it leaves me feeling a bit cheated. I am conscious at the moment that there is much less order in life as we move from day to day, the children off school (did I mention that?! Eerrr yep, daily). In amongst days of country and beach walks ('wear them out, wear them out' is my mantra) I have the punctuation of a work day, where I remember that my brain can focus on wider things than what's for lunch and where the next play date is coming from. I find when I am working, lucid and considered expertise escapes from my mouth without me even knowing I had the thoughts that formed those words. Over time my ability to think on my feet has been enhanced and I love that. Experience is good.

from Vogue Russia March 2009
Is it possible to miss one's blog like you miss a friend? When I neglect it I feel a tinge of guilt! But what is nice is that no matter how long I've been away, there is always a welcome when I return. Plus there is something about the order and symmetry of a blog post that even if in the distinct disorder of my life, I can still create something whole. It's the completeness of the 'publish post' button that I like.

My house on the other hand is matter how many times I pile up the random bits of mail and paper (where does all this paper come from? I am surrounded by is this possible when we are meant to have a paperless society now?). No matter how many times I return items to their rightful home, or clear the mess, wipe the surface, it seems within minutes there is more to clear and wipe. Relentless in it's consistency; my house remains a terminal mess!

Photograph by Jean Randazzo via VT Interiors
Thank you for your comments; as ever you are a source of wisdom to me. Many said you liked the statement 'be the best version of yourself' I am trying to keep that in my mind each day.

One can only try! Day three of the detox...all I can think about is chocolate...