Subtle Changes

I giggled at my outfit today because it went through quite a few phases.

The hair was big...then the humidity got to it.

Target T-shirt
thrifted skirt
 L.A.M.B. Heels
Borrowed Train Case
TIKKR watch c/o TIKKR

The hair flopped for a while...

Then the hair got the fro-hawk treatment...

By the end of the day, I had changed the belt and let the hair go wild.

Welcome to a day in the life of GFS.

(My future mother in law pulled out some goodies from the attic this weekend. Somehow I walked away with this circular train case. On loan of course...but I'll make great use of it while I have it. I loveth it so:)

GFS Housekeeping...

1. I will announce the winner of the GFS/Shabby Apple Giveaway later this week.
2. There is a giveaway for GFS/Facebook Likers
3. Yes, this thrifted skirt is indeed the same skirt worn as a dress from the previous post.