Here's a "twofer". I wore this to work a few days ago...I was just too tired to post it. Lately, I can't seem to come home to take pictures of my outfits because I'm dying to get out of them. Plus, I've been working out lately and I have to run home and get ready for Zumba classes and such.
By the here...someone actually thinks I'm cool:)

(ummm...I'm noticing that my romp looks BADAMN! in these skirts)
I wore this a few weeks ago. Really, I just wanted to show you pictures of the shoes. They make me happy.
Back to Zumba, let me start by saying that I am no Justin Timberlake or Usher but I think I can dance pretty well. Well enough atleast. I even pride myself on knowing how to zydeco (don't worry if you have no idea what that is), and salsa. My point is everytime I show up for Zumba class, I always leave feeling like I have no rhythm. I think it's because I'm usually disoriented by the middle of class and am pretty close to losing consciousness...because I'm out of shape.

I'm working on that but there was this chick in class...OH MY GOD! I swear to you that she single handedly managed to distract me because she was the classic description of a soccer mom but she was DROPPING IT DOWN LOW. I mean DROPPING IT!. It was funny because she couldn't dance yet that didn't stop her. I swear it looked like she was doing the River Dance...ON ACID but she didn't care. I couldn't stop laughing!

I know I am wrong. I'll say it again...I AM WRONG! But it was hilarious. Granted, I was the one who had to step outside to get resuscitated atleast twice but this woman was going for it. When the class was over, we happened to walk out to the parking lot together. River Dance Soccer Mom Chick got into a Maserati..I walked home.

yep...the joke's on me:(
But I can still dance better than her...just not for an hour fast music...with weights in my hands.
(sticking my tongue out)