If You Don't Like Fur... You Won't like Fall

Accessory reports are showing that fur is huge for Fall 2010. Yikes.
Fur is bad enough on coats but at least you can say that they keep you warm. Fur on your feet??
According to top designers, yes.
If you ask me? No.

Gross gross gross. I'm all for a little shearling trim on a cool boot like this one from Burberry
But the following shoes are just silly. And cruel.

Lanvin's Fox fur boot.
lanvin fox

Why would you want to look like you had fat hairy legs??

Celine (the design house, not me) has this option for those of you who just want fur between your toes. Sweaty.
celine fur
Lovely. And if that isn't enough fur... there's more here
(rabbit fur)

Chanel is doing fur in a cruelty free way... faux fur. Less cruel on the animals but not on my eyes!
chanel faux fur

The second one looks like a Wooly Mammoth and the ice he got frozen in.

Louboutin uses Coyote....

Coyote balls?? Weird.

While Hermes uses Raccoon...
hermes raccoon
Pierre Hardy uses Marmot (a kind of giant squirel)
pierre hardy marmot

Then Manolo trumps them all and uses Chinchilla fur
manolo chinchilla
While my pet Chinchilla, Fafi strongly objects. Aint she cute?

Then, just when you think it couldn't get any more vulgar, Roger Vivier gives small defenseless animals a big ol middle finger and sticks a dyed pink fox face on a clutch. Classy.
Listen. I'm not an animal rights activist but fur has never really sat well with me. Even if these shoes were all faux fur, I still wouldn't like them cause they look silly.
What do you guys think about fur on shoes?? What is your stance on fur, if you have one?

I leave you with this. One of my favorite anti-fur moments of classic American cinema...