Sweet Child of Mine

Sweater: Gap cotton short-sleeve cardigan
Dress: Mossimo tank dress from Target
Necklace: Ebay Anthro-faux-logie
Bracelet: J. Crew studded bangle
Shoes: Sofft Roma

Tien's post last night about trying to recreate one of her mom's family recipes made me reminiscent for my mom's home cooking. What is it about the tastes from home that not only gets my buds salivating but brings back a flood of really warm memories?

My mom is self-admittedly not an awesome cook, nor does she particularly enjoy it. But to me, no one can make dumplings or egg pancakes or meatballs or even simple sauteed broccoli or spinach like she can - some real Chinese home cooking. And even though I remember helping her out numerous times in the kitchen through my youth and young adulthood, I can't recreate the same tastes.

Here's something I did try last night - Everday Fried Noodles from Saveur. This is not something my mom ever made, but it is actual Chinese food and not something you get from your local take-out joint. It's not a difficult or spectacular recipe, but makes for an easy weeknight dinner. I did feel like I needed to give it a kick though, and threw on some of my favorite hot sauce at the end to eat.

The raw ingredients. I didn't realize how long it takes to julienne things - sheesh.

The end  results - the dish was fine but I think I used the wrong noodles (these seemed a little too thick).
I also used a bit of my fave hot sauce to spice things up (the one with the rooster on it - that's the only way I recognize the brand).

Sorry for the dark pics - my kitchen isn't near any windows.

Are there any particular dishes your mom made that you miss?