Why shoes?

I was one of those girls who, as a child, would get a new pair of shiny mary-janes and would go to sleep with them, pretty much, on my pillow. Shoes and I? We have always been close as close can be. Nothing like new shoes.

Not much has changed now that I am grown - still love shiny shoes, still keep them in my sight when they are brand new; you know, just loitering around the bedroom in case I need to catch a glimpse. I have many - far too many I'm sure. I did toy with the idea of getting all of my shoes out and taking a photo, just to see the scale things, but then I thought better of it. Did I need to provide my husband/conscience with photographic evidence of my addiction the next time we have one of those 'stop shopping' talks?

However this makes it sound as if all I do is buy shoes and really, honestly I don't. I am a very selective shoe shopper (the same can be said for handbags; still having the guilt sweats over last week's frivolous red, patent, boutique purchase). I covet shoes. I lust after them. I have them feature in mini-movies in my mind's eye, where they guest-star with certain outfits. Shoes are the best supporting actress. 

In reality, with my lifestyle, I live in flats - ballet shoes in summer and riding-style boots in winter. But that doesn't stop the adoration for others of a more exotic variety. And at work, especially if I have a big meeting, I will bring out the heels. I am constantly on the look-out for the perfect pair of red ballet shoes, the perfect brown boot, the perfect incandescent strappy heel, the perfect black court and so it goes...

So when there are no shoes...I get shoe blues... ;-)