Good day...

I am sure there are many people who are utterly suffering because of the volcanic ash issue that has grounded all flights to and from here. But I am secretly, just for today, delighted. My best friend and the Boo's Godmother D is stranded here, unable to return to Holland. Instead she was able to spend an extra day. Secret 'yey' as although I know her beau is wishing she was home; for us - its a big, unexpected bonus! There's just nothing like old friends.  After a Friday night curry, reading the birthday boy a bedtime story of 'Owl Babies' and watching a trashy film, my husband retired to bed and left us girls chatting into the early hours.

Some of you have mentioned my header photo and the fact that I kept it in my blog redesign. I love this shot! This picture was taken in West Wittering, on the coast near here - really, truly one of my favourite places in the world. This is Boo...looking out to sea as we lay low in the dunes last summer.

 And best of all - today was a sunny Spring day, worthy of sunglasses and bare feet and playing in the garden.

The girls (D, Boo and I) headed off to a local boutique owned by a good friend of my sister in law. Yummy, lovely things were there. I tried to refrain (really I did) but had to have a rather delicious Orla Kiely handbag - red, patent loveliness for a sunny day.

P.S. I googled rumba pants and I am pretty sure that's the right name for them...but I did have a moment of doubt ;-)

Did you get the vibe that I am quite happy today? Its been a good day.