Good things about today...

Not that I want to draw too much attention to my happiness that my children are not here - but I will just say: they have gone back to school today! Hear a little, quiet, subtle 'hurrah' from me ;-) I love the summer term, lots of lovely things to do, and sent them off this morning in their blazers, summer dress and short shorts. Very cute.

Four weeks of Easter holidays is a long time in anyone's book. We did have a ball and did some great stuff, but they needed some structure back in their lives and so did I! They are happy to be back at school and I am happy having a moment to myself to regroup at home.

Abit of pensive time....some peace.

Today there are flights again...on the news they showed lots of pictures of families reuniting at Heathrow airport this morning that made me cry - just like in the title images in 'Love Actually'. Gets me every time. I know that film is complete mush-fest but I still like it, especially this bit:

After having less time recently to tend to myself, I am rather thankful for this primer from Benefit - recommended to me by two different friend sources, it really is miracle stuff if you are over the age of 25. Goodness for a 36 year old like me, its a godsend. It makes me look...well...more put together instead of coming undone.

Did I mention also its sunny! I know we weather-obsessed Brits go on and on about this but really - to have a run of sunshine and spring-ness is just like a divine intervention after such a long winter. Long may it last...

If I am honest it just makes me wanna wear something like this! Hmm, this would go with those new boots I got. Today is a good day.