To potter...

Today is a home day not a work day...this means 'me time'. I am, I confess, addicted to 'me time', err, does that make me selfish?! There is a certain delight at being able to drop the children at school, husband is at work, return home to an empty house and just be. I read a blog called A Beach Cottage (just lovely, by the way) where this concept is interpreted and described as zshushing. Great, great word. Equal only to one other: pottering. What is it with women and pottering? I never knew of this pleasure until the ability to do it, ad hoc, was removed rather unceremoniously with having kids and becoming properly grown-up. I think I qualify now to be fully grown-up. Alone time. It's bizarre, as if I were to describe myself I would say I didn't much like being alone. But there is something about these mornings that is just wonderful and its because I am alone (unless I count you lot in cyberspace...).

I am now ridiculously guarded with using this time for anything other than its inclusion in my life seems vital for happiness/sanity. The ability and time to regroup. I do wish I was one of those people who took it all in her stride, day-in, day-out but I do better all round if I get some 'me time' in between the 'them time'. By them I mean kids, husband, house, friends, family.

As an aside, I watched the film 'He's just not that into you' last night; blimey I am glad I am over all of the angst about finding love! One can never be complacent about love for sure, but really, trying to read what the other sex thinks and feels...I'd be lost. Its hard enough trying to make sense of my husband!

P.S. Scarlett Johansonn looks incredible in it; she is a siren.