(not the best picture but whatever... it was the end of the day and I was doing good even forcing a smile)

Are you wondering where I am in the above picture? Yep...I'm at work. This is me waiting for the bell to ring. Notice that I'm by the door and my students are not...that's because I race them out of the door. I suckered one of them into taking a picture before the class was over.

Sorry for the poor picture "real" camera is in rehab right now.

I'm thinking I need to lay off the animal prints....just a little??
I had no idea that I had an obsession with animal prints til now...even my poor dog Frankie Beverly has to sufffer.

Guess what! I am the Guest Blogger of the Day over at Shop It To Me. Click here to read what I have to say about people who follow rules when they are getting dressed...

You know how I feel about rules! Trust me, it's worth reading:)