On a Specific Hunt ...

I've unsuccessfully been trying to be good with my budgeting for spring/summer attire. I've recently told myself that I have plenty of clothes (which is completely true, especially stripes) and I really need to just concentrate on items to help me finish outfits with.

So in light of my recent spree, I put together a list of items I can purchase. Which means I can only purchase these types of items moving forward indefinitely (got it, self?!):
  1. Black sandals (badass ones I can wear almost every day and still be super-comfy in)
  2. Necklaces
  3. Belts (but only life-changing great ones)
  4. Day dresses (I'm a recent convert to the ease of dresses so I only have a handful and most of them are blue)
  5. Cropped dark skinny jeans (I blame Rosa for looking so darn good in hers that I am trying to recreate her whole outfit and keeping fingers crossed that I will even look 1/10th as good)
I'm never good with trying to limit myself but I need to be better because the economy is still not awesome and money does not grow on trees (this is me trying to adult-supervise myself). Hopefully my personal rules will keep me from at least buying things I don't need (that means you, J. Crew graphic tees).

And I know that list still leaves the fields wide open to interpretation, so I have some questions for you lovely ladies out there -
  • Where do you find adorable/affordable day dresses?
  • Who do you think has the best skinny jeans out there for the not-super-skinny-leggy people?
  • Where do you go to buy great-looking, yet not bank-breaking jewelry - specifically not too over-the-top statement necklaces?
By the by, here's a pic of shoes I DO NOT need but desparately want (and only in this color too):

I saw them on Jessica from What I Wore and am now "dying" for them.

And my super-duper casual OOTD for some light box hauling and a multitude of errand running:

Top: J. Crew cotton Odessa tunic
Tank: Gap Body
Shorts: J. Crew chino 5" inseam
Shoes: Clarks Herring ballet flats