I Love Gifts!

(One of my all time favorite dresses...Zachary Smile dress from Anthropologie. And yes, the belt is back. I can't stop wearing it with everything!)
I won my first blog give away from my Bloggy Godmother Mish from Mish DISH! It was a goodie bag from the Aspen Fashion Show. All kinds of stuff in it...moisturizers, gift certificates, makeup...good stuff! But MISH threw in a treat for me! A necklace from her own personal Jewelry Line!!!!
I love this necklace so much! It's perfect! I can loop it for it days! Thank you Bloggy Godmother (I totally forced that title upon her!) Now let's work on getting the rest of your wardrobe to me!!
By the way...this dress has history on this blog. There was a whole lot of chaos and confusion from the designers about me and this dress. It's a must read! Click here for the first post that resulted in the designers of the dress contacting me...click here for the follow up:)

...and seriously Mish...I love the necklace...and I love my little personal note you sent me! I'm saving it:)