Ho Hum

I gotta be honest ladies... I've been finding it increasingly difficult not to yawn my way through shoe after shoe this season. Frankly I'm bored. I'm over gladiators (Don't think that means I won't be wearing the ones I already own) but I'm just ready for something new. I'm ready for these designers to shake things up. Introduce some new styles already. Okay. I'm done. But seriously! Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just a crazy shoe blogger? (LOL! Obviously I wasn't done.)

Brice Pump - Bebe

Despite my rant above I really do like this pump by Bebe. Perhaps because it reminds me of this Dolce Vita pair I feature a few months ago but I never managed to get my grubby little hands on and then they were sold out everywhere. I am in desperate need of a new pair of black peep toe pumps but I'm thinking I'm going to splurge on some Loubies. However if I can't make that happen these may very well make the short list. I like the interest the textured leather lends to them and I'm still quite smitten with that exaggerated platform.