(Love is Like a) Heat Wave

So here I am at Post 99 - and four months blogging! That's not a super-long time, but I am surprised every day that I am continuing to blog and that you gals read and follow me. Thanks again for the great support and I'll be coming back with a giveaway shortly to celebrate my 100-ish post. I write "-ish" because let's face it, sometimes I can be a lazy bunny. 

And here's my OOTD - BF took one look at me and said "that's cutting it close." So I think I am border-line with the pattern mixing here, but kind of felt good today. Because it was all about the shorts.

What do you ladies think? Way too busy, or does it work? I waivered back and forth dependent on the time of the day and glimpses into the bathroom mirror.

So flattering ... me bustin' a groove to the music in my head. I was feeling it. Apparently.

Crazy pattern mixing? Maybe ...

Top: Ann Taylor cotton voile ruffled
Sweater: J. Crew shawl-collar fleece cardigan
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Edamame