Lookie lookie. A super awesome reader saw that I was lusting after these babies and wrote me to tell me she had an extra pair lying around. Like, hey... no biggie I have these Balenciaga's just hanging out here at my house. Wannum?

AMAZE-BALLS!! I am so freakin happy. I got a great deal too! YIPPEE!

(Don't mind me looking all tough and mad-mugging you. I'm trying to look cool but I'm smiling inside)

Hello. I love you.



(top- All Saints, pants- Jolt, jacket- Sylvia Rielle)

They're super comfy. I wore them all day yesterday. Even walking the tough streets of LA. You know... Robertson. So hood.

I'm loving this look and I'm actually surprised about it. I mean, lets face it- it's basically a birkinstock (barf) on a sick platform and heel. But it just works.
My next purchase might have to be this same idea on a wedge, all Spring-ified! I love that pop of pink!
Stella McCartney Cork wedge
What do you think???