A Graham Cracker Just Saved My Life

I am not kiddng when I tell you that a graham cracker just saved my life. A few weeks ago, I made a conscious decision to be healthier. It's not something I plan to blog about often, if at all because if I  fail, then you will know me as a loser. I AM NO ONE'S LOSER HONEY! So there will be no talk of pounds and all that mumbo jumbo. Trust me, you will know if I hit my goal though...because there will be alot of posts of my shoes with me wearing NO CLOTHES. (I'm not joking...okay, I am...but only a little:)

Anyway..........the point is that I have been eating moderately and doing all of the right stuff. More water, less junk...way more excercise. Well, I have this relationship with cookies. If you've been reading my blog for a while...you know that I have been dating The Double Stuffed Golden Oreos since I discovered them last year. It's a toxic relationship really. Every time I break up with them, they go on sale and then I make up with them again.

So, self control with cookies doesn't work for me. I am by no means depriving myself but I know my limits and I have no limit when it comes to cookies. They simply CAN'T BE NEAR ME. So, yesterday I decided that I needed something "cookie-ish". Soooo...I decided to take the lesser of evils and eat a cinnamon graham cracker!  OMG! Here are just a few things that happened when I bit into it.

1. The room got brighter.
2. I broke into the River Dance
3. I heard birds singing in the trees of Sierra Leone.
4.  My IQ rose about ten points.
5.  I had an overwhelming desire to run a 30K marathon!
(I'm wearing a dress from the Lloyds of London line for Target. I should have worn my favorite belt with it. Instead I wore a gold thrifted belt. Target is really doing great things these days:)

I say all that to say that the graham cracker was good:)
(Necklace: Courtesy of Mish Dish Accessory Collection...click here for her Etsy Shop)

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. A few years ago, I lost my mind and tried to do the Dr. Ian diet (FatSmash Diet). I went for days without any breads or sugars. I ordered a salad and forgot to "hold" the croutons...let's just say the crouton saved my life that day!

By the way, this is what the Target model looks like in the dress:)
And here are the sandals, I'm wearing. I've had these since last summer. I'm not sure why they aren't cheaper now:)

Steve Madden "Devinne" Sandals found here

Oh...Thank you to Gi Gi from Gi Gi Goes Shopping for my interview/feature. You make me sound way cooler than I really am: