Mid-Week Shop Bop

Hi Ladies! Sorry for the lack of posting or responding, but I'm away on a business trip. Attire daily has been business strict, so there's not much creativity to show, plus the work hours have been kind of brutal. I did manage one decent OOTD - I wore this to a casual dinner tonight with a few co-workers.

I love this jacket! It's got a great dotted lining, so I wore it plain during the day and rolled the sleeves up at night.

Jacket: Zara cotton
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: J. Crew boot cut
Shoes: Franco Sarto

And of course, as what usually happens to me during those late-night hours alone in the hotel room as I try to "right" my sleep cycle, I end up digging in to a little Internet shopping. The good thing is that almost everything is from my spring wish list. So I only broke my rules a little.

These are not the "perfect" black sandals I've been looking for. They aren't even black - they're brown.
But they look kind of black, are so on-trend, and are now 30% off with the Friends and Family discount (code "FRIENDS").

Easy summer dress for 30% off - check!

No, I'm not a hat person. But who can refuse this hat? Who? Adorbs!