Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

Aren't these great? They're definitely Givinchy-esque without looking like knockoffs. I liked them so much in fact, that I got them in 2 colors. You can find them HERE on Shopbop. :)
They're Joe's Jeans shoes, which I think are a brand new shoe brand. How exciting for them to get it right, right off the bat. Great shoes, great quality, and a great price point which is so important and getting harder to find.

I wore them yesterday while running some errands... AKA shopping.... and they were pretty comfy! Good thing since I got two, right. haha.

Is that a new bag, you ask? Why, yes. Yes it is. As you guys know I'm obsessed with Miu Miu's Spring/Summer collection so I had to get whatever I could from it. The runway shoes, the collar, and now the bag. I love her.

Vinyl printed with their sparrow design, the perfect shade of pink, and these cute little bows??? So great. So me!

And finally, the shoes in grey...

I don't often buy the same shoe in more than one color, but these are just the perfect shade of summer grey. And I feel like the shoes look totally different, don't you??

(leggings- Charley 5.0, top- BDG, shoes- Joe's Jeans, bag- MiuMiu)