The perfect summer sandal for Kelowna!!!!

You might read "KEEN Newport H2" and think more of a racing car than a sandal. You wouldn't be far off the mark. These shoes are stylish, fast, and grip the road like something from Le Mans. Still, that image might be misleading. This footwear is as laid back as you plan to be all summer. KEENers love that kind of paradox.

There's no paradox when it comes to the KEEN Newport H2 styles. They're available for everyone: men and women.

Want to be a KEENer? Done. No membership dues required. You still get the same comfort, grip, and toe protection - not to mention stellar looks - that KEENers everywhere love.

The men's Newport H2 shows why they do. It looks like a running shoe with strips of fabric removed. That style echoes the running shoes we've all come to know and love. It also creates a cool, ultra-comfortable fit to go with the fashion statement.

It's chock full of practical benefits, too. There's the Newport Quick-Draw elastic cord lace design threading through a washable polyester webbing upper. There's the the hydrophobic quick dry mesh lining. There is also, of course, the now-famous KEEN patented toe protection. And, with nine different colors available, there's no shortage of choices to match your wardrobe.

The Newport H2 for women features all those same technical values. It goes a little farther to offer some extra funky style. KEENer gals are known to like their sandals a little bit on the different side.

Compression-molded EVA midsoles are standard on both. And, the quick-drying woven polyester upper is the same to ensure women don't have to suffer wet sandals, either. Stroll off the beach and slide into the shoreline restaurant and enjoy. Enjoy it even more thanks to hydrophobic foam linings. But, confess. Isn't it that funky pink fabric that really does it for chic chicks?

Thanks to that anti-microbial coating KEEN uses in all their shoes, these sandals won't produce funky smells other sandals sometimes do. The toddler and infants models offer all those same outstanding features, too, by the way.

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