Don't worry Boo...

I seem to have inadvertently created a mini-me...but of the less-than-ideal variety. Boo, aged just 9, has some of my strongest emotional characteristics. By some sort of mother/daughter osmosis, despite my best efforts to stop it, she has inherited my worst worry tendency. Oh there is something else to worry about... ;-)

I have well and truly jinxed myself following this post, (bordering on the pious) about attending school events, I now find that inexplicably i) it's school sports day this weekend and I got the date wrong and ii) my husband and I are at a wedding instead. Absolute double-whammy. So Boo is distraught that we will miss her moment of sporting glory and is worried in equal measure that we will be away overnight.

So the worry begins. What time will we leave? Where is the wedding? Do we have to go to the wedding? When will we be back? Will Nanny (my Mum; designated babysitter) know what to do with sports day prize giving? Too many questions in her little mind. I can't restore order to her jumbled thoughts, no matter how soothing I try to be. I find myself using that awful tactic of attempting to solution every objection she makes. That overwhelming parental urge to make it all better. Maybe all she needs is a cuddle? What do I want when I worry? I want the thing I am worrying about to go away, of course!

But in this instance, I can't make it go away; she will have to do her best without us, for once. I'll be the one at the wedding, sipping champagne and enjoying the day but with a little burden of guilt on my shoulders. Mental Note: get better at noting down future events on the calendar!