GFS in Dallas: Part 3

(Fab Girls love big bags!)
My third night in Dallas brought a night with blogger and newly minted author of The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style , Chastity Garner. I stumbled upon her blog a few weeks ago and I went through each and every post screaming I LOVE THIS GIRL'S STYLE!!

Chastity has been doing press for her newly released book so I was delighted that she agreed to meet me! My Dallas road dawg came along for the ride drove us to Mi Concina (might be the best quesadillas I've eaten in a long time) to meet Chastity.

When we walked into the door Chastity greeted us in a fab all black ensemble.  She is so beautiful! We sat and talked like we've all known each other for years. She told us everything from how she learned the tricks of the fashion industry from being a model to falling out of a tree (You'll have to ask her about that!) Of course, we talked about her new book, her recent engagement and subsequent move to Dallas. Juanette and Chastity bonded over the Boondocks cartoon...and when I say bonded...I mean they started re-enacting scenes from the last few episodes!

(I wish I could have taken a pic of the back of Chastity's was fiyah! )

I am so proud to know a published author...and she is only 30 29! I love motivated people! I have the book..signed of course and let me tell you, it is an easy read and it actually feels like I am talking to my homegirl on the phone saying "Ummm ummm girl, don't wear that...your boobies are hanging out!" Everybody needs a friend like that! I wholeheartedly believe that Chastity would not let her friends "dress whack!"

Please check out her blog here and support her one and pass it on to other curvy friends and  family!

A special THANK YOU to Juanette! You went out of your way to accomodate a total stranger in town. Meet ya in the parking lot of Buc-ee's! (inside joke) Anyone in need of fabulous jewelry or a stylist for hire, please contact Juanette here...(and she didn't pay me to say that either!)

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