GFS in Dallas: Homebound

As much as I loved my trip to Dallas, I was kind of ready to go home. I could never be a celebrity. I got sick of living out of a suitcase and eating out every night. The one thing I wanted when I got back to Houston was a homecooked meal, and to watch tv in bed and have nowhere to go. I see why people like Prince don't tour alot..he wants to sleep in  his bed! I don't know that for a fact but he's a friend in my head and friends usually think alike.

I met some wonderful people in Dallas, people that I will surely keep in contact with. Before I left, I grabbed a fab statement necklace from Juanette because the necklace haunted me every night since I saw her wear it!
(You have to see it can see Juanette wearing it in the post GFS in Dallas: Day 1)

One of the highlights (outside of meeting the Dallas bloggers) was finally making it to Buc-ee's! Do you guys have a Buc-ee's? I've traveled across Texas from time to time and I've always seen it...I thought it was just a truck stop. But oh no boo, Buc-ee's is anything but a truck stop! It's a movement! I don't really know how to describe it except that it's kind of like Wal-Mart meets Chucky Cheese meets a gas station meets a Deli Shop sponsored by CRACK! It was overwhelming!

It's the only place that you can get Jalopeno Cream Cheese in a jar, turkey jerkey, homemade Butter Pecan Fudge,  a DR. Pepper ICEE and the cleanest restrooms ever all under ONE ROOF! I'm a Buc-ee's believer! If you ever see one, stop and go in! You will never look at truck stops the same!

I was on the chartered bus on the way back home and I was reading my new book by Chastity Garner called "The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style". One person saw it and wanted to see it and by the time I got back to Houston, half the bus was asking about the book. That's when I was all like "Umm hmmm girl, my homegirl wrote this here book!" Totally pimping out the book! Chastity, the book was very popular among the curvy teachers I roll with!

Next stop? Norfolk, VA and Washington Dc in a few weeks!