I Need Your Help

Just been hanging out this weekend. I got this dress from H&M in Cleveland last year. I threw on my pink fedora and my favorite sandals today. I wore these sandals out last summer so I had to have them re-soled because I couldn't bare not wearing them again. I probably could have used a belt to hide the "jelly" but sometimes you just don't care. By the way, I went to see The A Team today and I was thoroughly entertained:)

I'll be doing a bit of traveling the next few weeks so I need your help.
I'll be in Dallas for a week. I am hoping that I get to catch up with some of my favorite Dallas bloggers:)What are some places do any of you go vintage/thrift shopping in Dallas?

I'll also be in Norfolk, Virginia and Washington, DC next month! Where do you guys go? What must I visit? Where must I eat? Where are the best vintage/thrift shops there? I so HATE going to the "cliche" places when I travel. I wanna go eat a hamburger where I risk getting shot but it's worth it! (Not really). For example, if  you were to come to Houston I would tell you to go to Frenchy's for the best chicken ever and to Burn's for the best barbecue:)

Better yet fill in the blanks:
Girl! If you are in (Dallas/Norfolk, VA. or Washington, Dc), you must eat at ____________ and you must shop at ____________________  for the best___________!
P.S. After careful thought, this is not one of my favorite dresses. I do alot of pulling this, pulling that. The top has wires in the front and back and when I walk my body will be going one direction and the dress is another. Plus I've decided that it needs a belt...but it was so hot in Houston today that I couldn't imagine putting on another piece of clothing on my body. I swear it was so hot that I kept *looking over my shoulder and peeping around corners* because it felt like the devil was following me with a plate of hot grits!!
You get a gold star if you know what song "looking over my shoulder and peeping around corners" comes from! If you know it, chances are you are from the South:)