Someone Stop The World

(Excuse the *moistivity in my face. I'm in Houston, where even the sun breaks a sweat)

If anyone ever asks you who my favorite singers are (what? It could happen:), I hope you know to tell them *Jill Scott and Maxwell.
Last night, I got to see both  Jill and Maxipoo (my pet name for him)  on the same stage last night. It was awesome. I've seen Jill perform live maybe 6 times already and Maxwell I've seen maybe 4 times? (I even snuck into one of his concerts long time ago, ssshhh). I. Love. Him and Her...LOVE. Most people who know me will probably say that I'm laid back and quiet and observant but those people have never seen me mad or at a Maxwell concert. All bets are off baby. I scream like he can hear me. I scream. I scream. And I scream some more. I really don't know what screaming does for anyone at concerts but I find myself doing a lot of screaming at Maxwell concerts.
I think I may have also waved my hand a couple of times like I was praising Jesus. I think at that point, I made a mental note to scream really loud for Jesus at church on Sunday.  If I can scream that loud for a man who has never met me or done a thing for me, then certainly I can eek out a holla  for Jesus on Sunday. Commitment made:)
I saw alot of outfit nightmares travesties at the concert. I wish this was a blog that takes potshots at people in their nightmarish get ups but I am way  too "classy" for that. (Not really)
I'll be honest, I built this whole ensemble around the sleeves on my vintage jacket (Thanks to Goodwill). I may have even screamed when I grabbed it. Notice a pattern? Things I love= Makes me scream.
(Thanks to the "fella"/sponsor/bf for the tickets:)
(Of course, I had to show you a poor concert pic that I took at the concert. If you don't know who Jill Scott or Maxwell is...get to know them)

Things you should know:
*Moistivity- not a real word:)
** The title of today's post "Someone Stop The World" is the title of one of Maxwell's songs.
*** Janet Jackson is my all time favorite performer...even if she can't quite move like she used to. I'm loyal**
****I don't always scream at concerts, sometimes I break into routines (click here)

Who would make you scream at a concert??