GFS Does Dallas (The Prelude)

I'm not able to get into full blog mode yet because I am still in Dallas on business but I did manage to meet some fab Dallas bloggers. I'll post in detail when I get back home and settled but the pictures alone should tell you how it went.

Juanette from Fashionnette

P.S....Here are a few of the topics we covered.

1. Jobs
2. Getting your hustle on when you have a craft/gift (ERIN!) or a business (Juanette!)
3. Being invited to a wedding where you are asked to pay 60  65 bucks for your plate...(hot mess)
4. Cutting off dinner dates to get home before the sun sets to take pics of your clothes for your blog
5. The joys of the Hoola Hoop!
More meet ups/shenanigans and foolishness to come

I had a blast ladies!
(Sorry for the title of this post...I had to do it. If you don't know what I am talking's good that you don't:)