Quality Time

So, it's the summer and my nieces and nephews are in Houston from Tulsa, Oklahoma for vacation. I hung out with two of my oldest nephews and pretty much was mocked and questioned all day.

Since they were with me, I took the opportunity to talk to them about exposing themselves to different things...like new restaraunts/traveling/ wearing things other than sneakers. Basically, I was trying to be the cool auntie....I don't think that conversation went over too well but maybe when I am dead they will remember that conversation. Here's to hoping! LOL

Conversation with Nephew 1

Nephew 1: Why are you taking pictures of your clothes all the time? Who cares? Do you get paid for this?
Me: Dude, I have people. People like to take pics of their clothes.
Nephew: Why you? Your shoes don't even match your outfit.
Me: See, if you would read my blog you would know that my shoes are a neutral color.
Nephew 1 & 2: You're weird. You have different ways of doing things
Me: *hands on my hips* That's right!
Nephew 1: Put me in one of the pictures. I'm 'swagnificient'. Your readership will be up like Oprah if you put me on there.
Me: *roll my eyes*
(I'd like to say that my tanline was on purpose in the above pic but it so wasn't. It was the result of me jogging  walking on a Saturday morning at 7am...yeah...even the morning sun is a beast in Texas!)

Conversation with Nephew 2
*as I am posting pics for this post*

Nephew 2: So, people look at pictures of your clothes?
Me: yes
Nephew 2: They are probably just fooling you. They probably look at your website and then laugh and say 'ewww, look at her.'
Me: *burst into laughter*
Nephews 2: So, you just come on here and narrate your life on your blog? (then blank stare)
Me: *hysterically laughing...but somehow starting to feel like a loser*
Nephew 3: I don't see how you do this...this is boring.
Me: *blank stare*

...and then I forced them to take pictures of me!
To beat the heat and boredom. I took them to dinner and the book store. You can only imagine the tongue lashing I got from both of them because I was looking for the new book in the Twilight Series...that was in the teen section I might add. They were brutal on me. Brutal!