Friendly visit...

As if in answer to my pleas I have now spent two weekends with old friends! This weekend my best friend E visited with her most adorable and cutie-pie two year old daughter. I am again eternally grateful for my oldest of friends and this one; well she has been there every step of the way for me.

via are so happy
We went to the beach and walked in the dunes; she is land-locked where she lives so this was a treat! We came home with sandy toes and that fresh-from-the-sea feeling of air in our lungs. Once the children settled we had our talk-time, trying to fit in every topic we could; hairstyles, politics, clothes, travel, motherhood, high finance, health and a smattering of reminiscence.

E had to leave this morning; her parting gesture: french plaits in Boo's hair (which I just can't do). Forever grateful I am, for those kindred spirit friends I have...they keep me delightfully sane :-)