Lollipops for Work

Being super-simple today. Why did I wait this long to fall under the spell of wearing dresses? Especially soft-as-a-slub-tee knit ones? One piece and DONE. Throw on a belt and STYLED.

(Yes this is the same dress I took the pics of while trying on the Edelman wedges yesterday.
I was going to wear this yesterday, but just didn't feel it.
Tell me that I'm not alone in changing a bunch before finally deciding on an outfit for the day.)

Dress: Gap knit (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity (worn a million times before and still love it)
Shoes: Keds Spright Wedges (worn here before and a few thousand times before that)

Here's a pic of my latest purchase - the J. Crew lollipop ribbon blazer. I got it recently on sale with an additional 30% off and I kind of love it. I wanted something appropriate for work that was still a little off-beat and this fit the bill perfectly. Plus it's got bracelet-length sleeves - which for me means regular-length sleeves, yay! The tweed is really light and it kind of feels more like a sweater than a super-structured jacket. And I think the lining is silk - sweeeeeeeeet.

So with this and the Cartonnier Hello Sunday blazer, I've got two new lighter-weight pieces packed with personality that are both perfectly work-appropriate and would look just as good off-hours with jeans (or even shorts - gah). New non-stodgy additions to work wardrobe - check!

(Ignore the rest of the outfit - just trying stuff on)

Jacket: J. Crew lollipop ribbon (now on sale)

Going to Anthro later today or tomorrow to return the Herb Field cardi (I tried it on again last night and it mocked me from the mirror: "Really, you again? What's your name again - Lucy, Linda, Lena? We already had this conversation - you and I are not going to work. It's not me, it's you."). I'm going to be strong and try to resist all the other pretty temptations in there - but a stroll by the sale section is almost mandatory, isn't it?

Happy weekending!