Answer Key to Pop Quiz

(Sorry for the squinted forehead...the sun was beaming and I was trying to hurry and take the pic so I could get out of the dress)

Did I mention that I am jealous of those who live anywhere near an H&M? WHY won't Houston get one!?!? Heck atleast somewhere in Texas!?! The powers that be in H&M land...get on that please.
(I'm going to have to find a better belt, I just threw this sash from another dress on and then stuck a flower there.)
This dress makes me happy. By the way, I had to wear a slip under this, luckily for me I've gotten in the habit of thrifting slips because I can never really find them in stores anymore.  

The answer to the pop quiz from the previous post was I was jumping joy for being home from my Virginia Trip. Nothing like being in your own space sometimes. The resignation ran a close second though.  The bonus question answer was C...I said Thank you and gave a blank stare. It was the best I could do. I believe she even moved in for a hug but I think my aura must have given a "don't try that boo boo" vibe. I was polite. I am trying to get into heaven, you know. Being polite should have scored me a point or two with the man upstairs...No?? I say yes.