Just Another Day

So today went something like this...

1. Put on this thrifted shirt dress for the first time and high fived myself because its perfect!
2. Got in the car and caught a Lauren Hill mix going on!
3. On my way to an important meeting...got majorly lost.

($2 thrift dress from my Dallas trip, Target Belt, BCBG Heels, Men's F21 Cap)

4. Finally got to the meeting and realized I left an important document which means I have to go to the meeting again.
5. Fell on my butt again (I know, ridiculous! But my foot got caught in the door of my house and I couldn't break the fall.)
6. Got rained on.
7. Finally caught the Behind the Music on Usher on VH1.
Yep, that's about average for me. Can't have it all, can I?