Hot Mess Trench

I wrote a long whole post earlier today imploring you gals for some help to determine which pair of brown buckly boots I deperately need to purchase now for the fall. Lucky for you gals, I then erased everything when a peek into my closet revealed to me that short of an inch difference in heel height, I already have the exact type of boots I was pining for. So three days of Internet stalking aside, my shopping emergency had adverted - but why doesn't that make me feel better? I still really want a pair of casual brown boots (that I already own, sigh). Is it because fashion blogging is inadvertantly turning me into this girl:

Cute movie, btw, but am I the only one who found it disappointing?

In lieu of an OOTD post due to some general grumpiness, I give you instead a Hot Mess Alert! Thought these pics would just be funny to share. I have also been on the lookout forever for a nice looking trenchy-raincoat that is actually waterproof (so that's big no-no to all you really nice-looking but cotton trench fakers).

And this time, I actually don't already own one, so last week I finally bit on the Lands' End SunShower Swing Coat - and even though it wasn't the trench of my dreams, I thought it was cute, have been impressed so far with the Canvas line and their overall quality, and for the sale price plus an additional 20% off and FS, it was CHEAP.

So see how cute it looks on the invisible mannequin? And I dig a big pop-able collar.

I ordered the smallest size available (in petites too!) because the regular Lands' End line runs a bit large. And this is what I got:

I couldn't even muster up a smile for the camera. All I could think of was "oompa loompa doompadee doo ..."

Well, back to the drawing board. So short of forking over a small fortune I don't have for a Burberry trench, do you ladies have any recs for some nice-looking raingear?