My Drug of Choice

Here is the truth as of right now. I have high anxiety issues. Money stresses me out. I take personal issues to heart and allow it to stress me out. But Golden Oreos make me feel better. So, I've been feeling really good for the last few hours...thank you Double Stuff Golden Oreos.
Don't judge me, you know you have that favorite thing that helps soothe the stresses of life. I don't do drugs. I do Oreos. Judge me not, lest ye be judged (is that in the bible or a Snoop Dog song...can't remember:)
The only thing that can make me possibly get rid of my anxiety is maybe if Jesus himself lined the streets with a trail of Golden Oreos leading to him...what a glorius day that would be!

Unfortunately, things that make you feel good usually have a downside...a consequence...a side effect. The thickness in my hips are my consequence. Remember a few weeks ago, I was all excited about jogging a solid 20 minutes...forget I said that. A couple of weeks ago, the mister and I had to run in the airport to catch our connecting flight. We  He ran, I hyperventilated. My short legs couldn't catch up to his walking strides. I think I might have screamed "GO, SAVE YOURSELF!" at one point. I don't remember, I was losing oxygen. It's a blur. We made the flight but that little run made my throat burn.

I haven't kicked the habit but I do plan to soon as I finish the pack of Oreos.
Don't give up on me!
(Vintage Kimono, Target Tank, Lucky Jeans, BCBG Heels, F21 Earrings, Thick Hips: Golden Oreos...Double Stuff)