Interview With THE Shoe Designers (Part 2)

I had SO much fan with Katelyn and her sister Mattison. They were kind enough to let me try on some of their amazing shoes. Lucky me!

AGGTS & Katelyn of KM2 shoes

Admiring what was easily my favorite pair

For part 1 be sure to check out yesterday's post. And now without further adieu, part 2 of my interview with KM2 shoes.

AGGTS: What role does each one of you have within the company?

Katelyn: I am director of operations. I oversee nuts and bolts stuff, AKA paperwork. Mattison is Director of Sales and Marketing, she is a selling machine and a huge driving force behind the company, she has quite an edge! Megan is a genius... I mean seriously, she dreams up new shoes and wakes up and makes them, she is the creative director.

Truth is though that we all sort of cross our borders as far as our roles, we all have so many ideas to bring to the table whether its design (we all have 3 completely different styles and tastes which make for a great blend), or even on the business and selling aspect... Km2 is a sister team effort with a capital T.

AGGTS: As a customer what should I know if I want to order a pair of KM2 shoes from your website?

Katelyn: You should know that not every style is up on the website... we interchange them to keep things fresh. We are constantly producing new shoes, new styles, new colors! That's why you've got to check the site constantly and follow us on facebook and twitter at shopkm2 and also our blog! We post new shoes and inspiration all the time. You should also know that we sometimes use vintage pieces as the main custom element to our shoes. That means that no two pairs are exactly alike so you may receive a slight variation in ornaments, which is part of the excitement. And also if you see a shoe you love and maybe you have an idea for a color you would like to add or are looking at a style to match a certain outfit, than email us at Let us talk it out with you, design you exactly what you want!

AGGTS: And where can we find your shoes in stores (both in St. Louis and L.A.)?

Katelyn: In Saint Louis go to CHA on Clayton Road in Ladue and Susan Lynns in Town and Country at Clayton and 141 with the polka dot awnings. Both stores are amazing and the people that run them are even more amazing. You are sure to have wonderful shopping experience at both places.

In L.A., we are at Em & Co on 3rd street right in the Fairfax District! This store is so awesome, they had our first fashion show for us during LA Fashion week in '09, we love them.

AGGTS: What are your plans for the future?

Katelyn: BIG ONES! NO SMALL PLANS MADE HERE. in upcoming months we are THRILLED about our boots coming and flats and closed toed pumps to follow. We are getting ready to be featured on a international webisode that will expand our borders tremendously. We are definitely an international brand and I am thrilled to hear stories of customers from all parts of the world. The customized part will always be there, we will always give our customers the option to decide exactly what they want and create with us. We will be doing another line that is not customized and a lower price point but with all the elements of our line now, timeless, wonderful, head turning, sexy shoes. We are on a mission to spread the love and joy of fashion we have in every day life and hopefully all women will want to "Start with their shoes!"

I really can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting the incredible women behind KM2 shoes. Here are a few more pictures, including the boots Katelyn mentioned. They are amazing!

I had such a blast meeting Katelyn and Mattison and I hope you enjoyed learning about KM2 shoes as much as I did.

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